Prof. Gianluca Rossi

Prof Ing Gianluca Rossi, mechanical engineer and PhD in mechanical and thermal measurement techniques, is a full professor in measurement science serving at University of Perugia - Italy, Dep.t of Engineering and President of Tucep association, an international network for training and job placement.


Since 1998, he has been managing a research group in Perugia working on the development and application of new measurement techniques, mainly full-field contactless stress and strain measurements on mechanical components (thermoelasticity – TSA and digital image correlation-DIC), fluidodynamic and acoustic field analysis, noise and vibration, fatigue and vibration testing, dynamic and modal analysis, optical fiber sensors, laser applications, dynamic mechanical analysis for material properties characterization, with applications to additive manufacturing.


The research activity has been performed from 1998 till now in the frame of more than 30 contracts with industries, 5 european union fonded projects, more than 15 national and local institution founded research contracts.


From january 2012 to july 2013 was visiting professor at Von Karman Insitute in Brussel, Belgium, to carry on a research activity founded by the European Union on the development of new magnetoresitive sensors for non contact monitoring of blades vibrations in turbomachines. From 2011 to 2014 he has been coordinator of the mechanical engineering courses of the University of Perugia.