Telemedicine today: Where the Hospital isn’t a Hospital at all

The increasing number of world inhabitants today is becoming a severe problem for health assistance. The huge number of elder people requests continuous assistance with several medical analysis. The costs of these services is becoming unsustainable for national health systems. Hospitalization of a huge number of people only for analysis is no more possible but elderly often need clinical tests without any hospitalization. The challenge is a Future where the Hospital isn’t a Hospital at all. Much of the technology in this mock scenario already exists. Smart devices can transmit data from human body to central medical systems by means of smartphones. For example ECG wearable devices can detect atrial fibrillation and send a warning to a cardiologist. The same system can be used to have pictures from the patient towards automatic image processing computers able to give clinical reports without any medical doctor. Critical wounds can be detected and a remote assistant can decide the best care.


This talk will present the today scenario and next future possible perspectives. Some telemedicine cases tested in the Italian medical scenario will be presented.