Metal additive manufacturing


Additive manufacturing has experienced a resurgence in the last decades in good part thanks to the technological advances in the fabrication of metal parts. In this lecture, the main families of additive manufacturing processes for metals and metal alloys will be introduced, and the main open challenges will be discussed.




Manufacturing metrology: the additive challenge

Manufacturing metrology plays a fundamental role in process development, optimization and control, as well as in quality inspection of the produced goods. Along with the new possibilities of using additive manufacturing to produce actual parts, as opposed to prototypes, a whole new series of peculiar challenges are faced by metrology. In this lecture, the state of the art of the measurement technologies for geometric, dimensional and surface part inspection are introduced, ranging from contact systems, to optical systems, to industrial computed tomography. The main unsolved challenges related to measuring additively manufactured parts are introduced and discussed. Applications ranging from inspection/verification, to in-line process monitoring, are illustrated as well.